For a design assignment in 2017, I was tasked with rebranding a National Monument.
I selected Craters Of The Moon due to its attention-grabbing name, but quickly learned it was somewhat misleading. The area is a volcanic site, and it's only connection to space is that NASA sometimes uses it as a training ground due to its terrain. 
Because of this, I wanted the logo to immediately make clear the nature of the monument as a hotbed of volcanic activity. The color scheme (based on photos of the site) differentiates it and communicates the unique nature of the area. While I have not had the pleasure of visiting myself, people often described it as being 'strange' in accounts I read during my research. The color scheme builds upon this, with the use of a subtle gradient adding a touch of whimsy. 
I chose a mug for my additional branding because it often holds scalding-hot liquid inside; much like a volcano!
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